Russian Ineteractive Week 2015

Russian Interactive Week (RIW) 2015 is the main event of the Russian IT-industry. This year RIW celebrates its 8th anniversary.

RIW is a mix of activities, such as: exhibition, professional program and entertainment events.

Every year RIW attracts around 15000 visitors including the most famous and prominent members of the Russian IT society, government representatives and journalists.

As mentioned above, RIW consists of several activities:

  • EXHIBITION — Internet 2015 exhibition participants are partners of the RIW i.e. the leading companies in all segments of the Russian Internet industry. Anyone can visit the exhibition for FREE.

  • CONFERENCE — there are 9 parallel conference streams. The key representatives of the Industry will discuss following topics: analytics, advertising, social media, digital marketing, big data, web development, projects management, cyber security, e-commerce, Internet regulatory environment in Russia, and many more.

  • UpStartConference — the focus of this conference is start-ups and investors relations.

  • RIW Night — is a host of entertainment activities: Runet Awards and a Party for CMO.

Bussiness zone

Overall, it is important to mention that the RIW will host over a hundred events and activities, including the core program and optional activities sponsored by the partners.

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